How much should a plasterer or painter cost?


Like so many trade industries the plaster and paint industry has gone through a multitude of changes in recent years, not all of them positive according to David Baker owner of AP&P. “There are some great painters and plasterers out there, but there are also a lot of cheap, less than quality jobs being done,” he says.

He wants to see that change, and he’s working to do just that by leading teams through his painting and plastering company AP&P - an enterprise dedicated to delivering a high level of craftsmanship at reasonable prices.

See our service rates below

  • Plastering

    • Plastering we will do 2 coats of plaster with a final sand finish ready for paint.
    • For straight walls and ceilings expect to pay $45-$60 a m2.
    • Maintenance jobs for plumbing patch ups expect to pay $275-$400 per hole as there is more waiting times for a smaller area.

  • Painting

    • After sanding, we undertake 2-3 undercoats then 2-3 coats of paint whether its internal or external.
    • Expect to pay between $35-$55 per m2 of space covered for a top quality paint finish.

  • GIB Fixing

    • To re-GIB a small cut out hole expect to pay $125 - $200 per hole.
    • Per m2 for a basic sheet of 10mm GIB expect to pay around $45 up to -$90 a sheet depending on specs.

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