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AP&P Auckland Plaster and Paint pride themselves on upfront and transperant paint and plaster services

Auckland Plaster and Paint was founded by David Baker, owner of the successful building and renovation company Bakers Builds. David has a passion for client relations, and provides a service that has dominated the house-build and maintenance market for the three years since its inception. 

His communication skills and close attention to people’s pain points allow David to deliver a premium service that is second to none.  From the first meeting to the finished product he keeps client stress to a minimum. His motivation to get into plaster and paint is simple - to offer another service using the same effective business model he has used to develop Bakers Builds.

Bakers Builds is the second-highest rated Auckland builder from Google Reviews, reflecting the high level of service and customer satisfaction the company offers.
David decided to launch AP&P to meet the rising demand for specialist subcontractors, and the additional plaster and paint work that his existing clients need. 

He has spotted a gap in the market for a provider who can provide comprehensive work covering gib, plaster, and paint. For too long maintenance work and smaller jobs have been neglected, meaning a poor finish and unsatisfied clients.

David takes the same amount of pride in small residential plaster fix-ups as he does in major projects like his high-end development in Wanaka.
David employs his own team, which is already working with Bakers Builds' clients.  AP&P are on the way to making a name in the painting and plastering industry, providing the most professional, punctual and reliable gib, plaster and paint service in Auckland.

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